Corporate Sponsors

Wish Wings relies heavily on corporate sponsors in order for our magical flights and holidays to take place.

Please see our fantastic corporate sponsors below, from all of us at Wish Wings and all of our Wish Wings beneficiaries’ thank you for your support to date and for enabling so many wishes to come true worldwide.

Our sponsors have invested their funds and time, donated gifts and even had employees help for the flights we carry out each year that have all had a positive affect locally and on an international scale.

Each Wish Wings corporate sponsor stand united with the same vision that we can make a huge difference through the power of flight and the benefits our unique holidays can have on so many children and families worldwide.

Wish Wings would welcome the opportunity to work with your business as a corporate sponsor of Wish Wings.

If you would like more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact sponsor@wishwings.org thank you for your support.




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